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About Us


Who We Are?

  Tourism industry might be one of those kind that everyone, in the least as of buying a ticket, are familiar with. An industry so vast through years created so many officials to control and oversee the progresses in it. Tour and travel companies as known as travel agencies within common people is the main serving arms for travelers.
Charhengqm Gasht Iranian Tour and Travel Co. as mentions Charhengam through this web site is one of these serving arms in Iran. Charhengam as a company always tried to progress with the pace of technology and other elements. With the management guidance and hardworking of our partners throughout these 3 years we have accomplishments such as:
  • Having a great team of counselors
  • Having the greatest sales team knowing they are costumers’ lawyers and counselors
  • Providing one of the best websites through IRAN
  • We produced a fully optimized traveling mobile app in Persian
  • Connected to most of social medias to be in close relation with costumers
  • Fully managed and programmed for the upcoming years


In domestic marketplace Charhengam is named one of the Customers’ right Supporters’ Brands in Fars province through previous year and acclaimed with a bronze statue. Through international market Charhengam was examined by ICS GROUP from Canada and is awarded with ISO 10004 in customers’ rights in 2017.


The Slogan

Along this path all Charhengam personnel would shout our slogan and stand firm on it. A slogan raised from all our wishes and hopes. Each one of us experience different through traveling. Based on world class literature we shout “Travel Like Odyssey” , to create small or long journeys to arise self-awareness and self-growth for all of us.

Our Vision

Charhengam’s management team created a perspective which evolved through years and now as we all have grown, we have found our true perspective. Just like every single one of you, waking up in the morning and contin7e your day for a wish to fulfill these perspectives are our wishes. We wish to become among the 3 best Travel Operators in Iran within 5 years and then continue our path to a known brand in quality and uniqueness in Iran’s Tourism industry.

As the path is marked we need checkpoints, Goals that are our marks to understand our progress. We wish to share our goals annually with you so you could examine us too. Help us to reach these goals. This year we would like to:

  • Expand our markets within Iran and foreign countries.
  • Expand the time consumed in traveling for our fellow Iranians and others in visiting Iran
  • Support more and more rights for our customers and acquire more satisfaction from each and every one of you

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