During Travel to Iran you can visit one of the most interesting monument of Iran Attractions, named Soltaniyeh Dome. It is located in the province of Soltanieh region of Zanjan province, and is one of the most famous architects of Iran History during the Ilkhani era. This blue dome was built between 704 and 712 lunar years on the orders of the King of the Mongols, known as Sultan Muhammad Khodabandeh. Under the guidance of Khaje Rashid al-Din Fazlullah Hamedani. Soltanieh Dome is a magnificent blue dome that attracts everyone to its glory.

It is located seven kilometers north of the Soltanieh Mountains and 12 km. south of Tarom Mountains and 4 km from the Transit Road (Tehran, Zanjan, Bazargan).

The Soltaniyat Dome is the tomb of Mohammad Khodabandeh Al-Jayto was built (1302-1131) in the city of Soltanieh (the capital of the Ilkhanis) and is considered to be one of the important works of Iranian and Islamic architecture. It is renowned for its architectural design and magnificence in the world. This dome is the first example of a dome of two shells in the world. Soltanieh’s dome inspired architects to build the Church of Santa Maria Delphiore in Italy (the Cathedral of Florence) and Taj Mahal. It has a magnificence and a complex architecture that is unique in its kind. Soltanieh Dome is the third largest dome of the world in terms of height after the Church of Santa Maria in Italy and the Aya Sophia Mosque in Turkey. Inspired by the eight doors in Paradise, the building has been built octagonally and each side has a length of 17 meters. On these sides there is a dome of 120 meters high.

The building has eight doors, eight verandahs and eight minarets, and three sections: dome, Torbat Khaneh (entrance) and crypt.

The dome, stood with a weight of 1,600 tons for more than 700 years and its subsidence has been just 8cm.

Soltanieh Dome was recognized as an Iranian national monument in 1310 and registered as the seventh Iranian permanent record in UNESCO World List on July 24, 2005.