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Iranian Food

One of the memorable memories of foreign tourists is the travel to the Iran its delicious food. Food that changes from north to south and from east to west with climate change and more complicated Iranian table.

Sometime ago, the Telegraph had brought up 10 food reasons for which tourists should travel to Iran and experience the amazing taste of Iranian food. According to the author of this report in Iran, tourists can enjoy a variety of Iranian cuisines like a king; foods such as juicy and saffron boiled, juicy corks with pieces of meat and sweets filled with tasty creams!

From the grandeur and popularity among Iranian and foreign tourists, there are other cuisines, whose taste is left under the teeth of foreign tourists. In the following we explain about some delicious and popular food, we will say that the list of the most popular Iranian cuisine has been welcomed by foreign tourists.

In the following, we will say about some tasty and popular dishes that are listed in the list of the most popular Iranian cuisine of foreign tourists.


Fesenjan stew

This tasty stew, with its sour and sweet taste, has been able to find the most popular Iranian food on the site (food republic). This stew, which is made from walnut, pomegranate sauce, sugar, chicken or minced meat, is one of the most delicious Iranian cuisines.

Eggplant Stew

Eggplant is one of the most popular cuisines in Iran. Few people see the unique taste of eggplants. This delicious and delicious sturgeon stew cooked with fried eggplants, tomatoes and meat is served with rice as well as bread and vegetable, which is undoubtedly fascinated by anyone who once tried it. It becomes.

Vegetable Gourmeh

This authentic Iranian stew is the most delicious food in all country. Vegetable Ghourmeh have a unique flavor and are made from red beans, slices of meat and lemon juice and served with Iranian rice. It’s just about to cook but cooking it so well is not very easy, and it’s not everyone’s job.

Bean Pollo

Bean pollo with muscle of sheep is also attracts everyone to taste it, and foreign tourists should be careful about their fingers when they desire it. Green and yellow cornflowers are cooked in Iranian rice, along with peanut butter or animal oil and served with muscle of sheep, as part of the unique Iranian cuisine.

Jewelry polo

An Iranian colored beautiful and delicious food  that combines Iranian rice with pistachio slices, almond slices, carrots, pepper, barberry and saffron. The Iranians, sauté barberry with a small amount of order to balance the taste of this meal,


Barberry Rice

This delicious Iranian cuisine is a combination of rice and barberry served along with chicken. This dish is a royal food and also popular among Iranian people.