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Iran Dress Code

Iran dress code and rules fro men and women

In travel to Iran Hijab and dress rules are not very strict for tourists and they are only guided by a kindly hint when they are forgotten or violated.

The arm of the ladies should be worn and the legs covered to the wrist and there is no obstacle to using sandals and shoes, and no matter for Iran Visa.

 Women should wear their shirts, jackets or overcoats like a mantle, wearing tight jeans is also not a problem … wearing T-shirts is not a problem for men, but short pants are not allowed in public places. Of course, this is not a general, and sometimes very conservative, the guideline for clothing coverage that is unique to Iran.

During Iran Travelling you see all woman with a scarf for covering their hair only. The directions are more or less similar in relation to countries such as Egypt, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco.

If you like to look beautiful and decorated like in  your country, and you still have to observe the rules and codes of Iranian dresses and do not have to buy new clothes, it is the  best to look carefully at your wardrobe before traveling, and long sleeves Bring your quilted sleeved knit shirts to three quarters.

Tonic is the best choice for summer trips, and even the combination of shorter ones with loose pants is completely unobstructed. If you do not have a tonic, the combination of a long sleeve and lightweight knitted fabric will be your other choice.

 Combining a piece of uniform with jeans will have an air of your country. The key to your success is a bit of creativity because apart from a few pieces of clothing that are special for Iran, the remaining clothes are all Western designs and not much difference.

If you like, make Manteau

Mantle Garments are often used by Iranian women, and due to the progress made in the design and application of creativity and art luckily, various styles and designs in our country can be purchased.

 Since this is the rule in Iran and one condition for Iran Visa, so it is better to get a Manteau at the beginning of your journey.

 Obviously, the expensive brands of manteau design are more beautiful, professional, and sexier, but note that a regular and fully acceptable manteau can be purchased at any store in the whole of Iran at affordable prices.

 Another thing is that any cover that looks like a Manteau so that it covers your knee is completely acceptable and graceful, Like a long T-shirt.

Burqa or ruby ​​is not an Iranian cover

Using ruby ​​or something like that misconception that some foreign tourists have compared to Iranian women. In Iran, the use of chador is very common, but the chance of seeing a lady with a pad and embossed in Tehran or Iran today is close to zero.

Wear colored clothes

The limitation of the use of bright colors that are mentioned in many travel guides is not true and is completely meaningless.

  Like many other countries, people use all colored clothes, in summer they tend to wear bright clothes. So if you wear colored clothes in your country, you do not have to change your desirable color but reasonable in your trip to Iran.