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Where exchange the money?

At travel to Iran, the first thing is important is to change the money.

In this case, we suggest, to exchange your money in the exchange shop (the safest place) can find them in all city like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and also in the International airport.

The first place to exchange is in IKA airport in Tehran, this exchange shop is open 24/7.

According to the newly announced of Central Bank of Iran, each traveler in travel to Iran can bring with self € 5,000 or equivalent for other currencies at the time of arrival.

If you need more money, I suggest you transfer the amount to international accounts of travel agencies (the agency that purchased your tour) and get it in Iran through travel agencies.

We offer you, in travel to Iran you buy an Iranian Sim card so you can have a call number and also the good Internet all over the places.

You can provide the Iranian Sim card in airports or shops in the cities.

Or also you can buy a Sim card from below site:

In response to this question, we will share 2 opinions of our passengers for you:

One traveler who recently traveled to Iran on his experience of the trip says: “I traveled to Iran with my wife for two weeks and can honestly say that this country is one of the safest places we have ever traveled. The only traffic problem in Tehran is crazy! The Iranians are the most welcoming people we have ever seen, and due to lack of time, we could not answer all their invitations. ”


Another traveler from his experience traveling to Iran says: “I traveled to Iran for the first time in 2012.” While other tourists advised me that Iran was really safe and people were excellent in all respects, the media outlined Iran as the most dangerous region in the world, but on my trip to Iran, I found all the negative propaganda against this country is wrong and on a trip to Iran We must forget them. ”

So you can also experience reality by traveling to Iran. Do not listen to what media say about Iran and travel to Iran, and enjoy visiting the culture and civilization of a few thousand years along with the hospitable of Iranian people.

Now it’s your decision to travel to Iran.

Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, and even in the world for women. foreign women travelers can travel to Iran alone.

Below are some of the views of travelers who have entered Iran alone:

Traveler girl community: ” Traveling around Iran is safe and easy. You can always take a bus or taxi without a problem. Buses provide a seat reservation and the driver will rearrange the passengers so that no woman sits next to an unknown man. So get ready to change your seat several times in a journey”.

Ana: ” If you’re a woman considering visiting Iran alone but are afraid, I encourage you to do it. Traveling to Iran as a woman can seem intimidating, but I have been there and can tell you my solo trip to Iran was not only safe, it was a wonderful experience that greatly exceeded my expectations.