The Burned city | Iran history | Iran travel

The burned city The burned city the most amazing city in the world and amazing of Iran History is considered to be the 17th Iranian historic site in the UNESCO list, which is now known as one of the most advanced ancient cities in the world, with its 5,000-year history. The burned city during Traveling […]

Tomb of Cyrus the Great |Iran history | Iran travel

The tomb of Cyrus the Great One important monument of Iran History is “The Tomb of Cyrus the Great”, which is the tomb of the Achaemenes Cyrus II, called Cyrus the Great, is an unparalleled simple but architectural monument. This masterpiece of Iran Tour is about one kilometer southwest of Pasargad palaces. The tomb of […]

Iranian gardens registered at UNESCO | Iran history

Iranian gardens registered at UNESCO Iranian gardens recorded in the UNESCO are a glimpse into several beautiful Iranian places and recorded in UNESCO Certainly UNESCO’s World Heritage site is very familiar to the meat, UNESCO is trying to identify and protect cultural and natural places in countries around the world. Iran, as a Paradise in […]